Pakistani Mehndi Designs – Preserving the Rich Tradition

Pakistan has a reputation of being a hub of art and culture, preserving age old traditions in craftsmanship and artistry. One of the traditional arts of this country is mehandi, which involves decorating hands and feet with intricate designs created by natural dye of henna leaves, crushed and prepared into a paste, which leaves temporary color on the skin. Mehandi stands for festivities and is applied on auspicious occasions such as weddings, birth ceremonies and festivals like Eid.

Pakistani Mehandi is acclaimed for its beautiful and unique designing, which are varied from occasion to occasion. Traditionally, you will find two types of designing in Pakistani mehandi- the first one which is similar to Indian mehandi design and the second one which involves the use of black mehandi. Pakistani mehandi designs combine the best of Indian and Arabic designs, making it a splendid combination of the two.

Mehandi Designs for Weddings


Mehandi ceremony is an integral part of any Pakistani wedding and no bride is completely decked up without mehandi on her hand and feet. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid on the designs and there are special artists who pioneer in bringing the best of traditional and modern Pakistani bridal mehandi designs. Mehandi si applied to both the bride and the groom, to mark the auspicious beginning of a new phase in their lives. While brides are made to sit for hours to have intricate designs drawn on their hands and feet, grooms are applied simpler designs just as a custom.



Professional artists sit painstickingly for hours at a stretch, making beautiful Pakistani mehandi designs for hands and feet. They bring along an album showing Pakistani mehandi designs photos for the bride to have a look and choose one for herself. The designs may include complex patters, with images of the bride, groom, peacocks and even the baraat procession decorated on the hands of the bride. The name of the groom is written in the mehandi design, and according to the custom, the groom has to hunt for his name on the wedding night, which is not an easy job, considering the intricacy of design. Besides decorating the hands and arms of the bride, the feet are also decorated with attractive designs. Some girls even have armlets designed in mehandi on their shoulders. Some brides get floral designs, which are decorated with crystals.



Besides applying the mehandi on the bride, the mehandi ceremony is a lavish celebration, during which all the friends, girls and women in the family apply this mehandi as a traditional function. They also sing songs and dance on this occasion. All the other women are applied simpler designs, as compared to the bride.


These may be simple floral designs in length or circular design at the center of the hand and adornment of the fingertips with simple mehandi.

Mehandi Designs for Other occasions



Besides traditional mehandi for weddings, mehandi is applied on special occasions like the festival of Eid too. Women get some special Pakistani mehandi designs for Eid. Most of these designs are simpler as compared to bridal designs and constitute of floral, geometrical or circular patterns.



Those who have plenty of time and can spend more, go for detailed designs on these occasions too, they can even have crystal adornments to make their hands and feet look exquisite.





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