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arabic mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube and is applied to hands and foot for men and women.In the Past it is widely Used by women for all occasions like Wedding,Engagement,Festival and other important Events . But Now a days even Men are using it.  Also known as henna in western countries as a part of skin decoration.

In the daily routine the fashion industry is being  featured with the different kind of  fashion stuff to make the personality more impressive and attractive in front of the other. Well, among these new fashion stuff and trends i am going to introduce you with a very new range of  fashion trend which is known as Mehndi .

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

 Mehandi is popular not just in Indian and Pakistan but now it is getting very famous in Arabic countires like Bahrain,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,UAE. Mehandi also Known as Henna in Arabian Countries. The word Henna is derived from Arabic.Bridal henna nights are a popular tradition in the Arabian Peninsula.

Let Us see some good and famous arabic mehandi designs
arabic henna designs It is the one of the arabic mehandi design which is very simple and easy to apply. These Kind of designs are used for small occasions  in UAE,Qatar,Kuwait. Arabic Mehndi designs have lots of variations and colors.   arabic bridal mehndi designs Mehndi has always been known as one of the most important  factor for the life of the woman. Mostly for a wedding or religious festivals, women will never forget to make use of mehndi . The above design is an arabic mehndi design which is very beautiful and easy to put. This type of design can be an ideal choice for engagement where you wish to flaunt your hands.

arabic mehendi designs

These designs make women more beautiful. It can grab the attention of people and simply cannot resist them to appreciate its grand lookarabic mehendi designs 2 The above arabic mehandi design is the one of the very beautiful design which suits for some kind of girl parties. This mehndi is very thick, takes some time to put. Usually arabic mehendi designs start from index finger but this is quite different and it starts from little finger. The touch of black mehndi makes your hand look stylish and is suitable for office goers or young teenagers who wish to flaunt their feet.Try it for any nice occasion.   arabic henna designs for Legs Mehndi designs got popular in west since 1990’s and is used to beautify the body. It is applied on hands, palms, legs. The above  deisgn is for legs which is very beautiful. It is also an arabic deisgn covering half of the leg and all the fingers.   arabic mehandi designs for hands 3 The above mehndi design is an arabic design which can be put on back of the hand or palm. It is simple and beautiful. This kind of design on hand is done for the festivals, because it is very traditional design.Have you just started to learn how to apply mehndi then try out this simple design which requires minimum skills. Sometimes a simple and beautiful arabic design simply makes the hand attractive .

arabic mehandi designs for hands 4

This is another example of arabic mehandi designs which is done for the both the hands. Arabic mehendi designs are well popular in east and has got complex designs and patterns. With this mehandi the hands are very attractive.In Saudi Arabia there is a tradition that one of the female relatives of the bride is the one who paints the bride’s hands with Mehndi . They believe that relative has to be happily married or else she will bring bad luck to the bride.

arabic henna designs for Engagement

The above comes under simple and grand design which is thickly applied. There is a huge difference between putting mehndi on front side and back side of the hands, where as front side looks great obviously.  This traditional yet modern design of mehndi makes your hand look pretty and unique. It is suitable for all  occasions. mehndi designs arabic for Birth DayThese are widely used through out  southern and western  asia and africa. The above mehndi design is one of the arabic mehndi design which is styled on the back side of a hand. It suits for some weddings and for simple beautification.


The above design is very simple mehandi designs which is suitable for all occasions. Very few people in the west have time for mehndi , so this simple design is suggested as it wont take much time.

mehandi design images

mehndi designs images The above design suits for few people. It is the  one of the different mehndi design which gives a great grand look.

henna mehndi designsThe above design is very very simple design. This design is suggestible for beginners.

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dulhan mehandi design

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beautiful hands with henna

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